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I'm a composer, performer, improviser, curator, and artistic administrator currently residing in Ridgewood, New York City. Recent projects have included REAL ADULT (solo vehicle for noise music focusing on object-based percussion and electronics), Ashcan Orchestra (collection of toy and real instruments guided by composer Pat Spadine), Sunwatchers (psychedelic id rock wherein I play vibraphone and sometimes drum set), American Football, Birthmark, Yonatan Gat, KATIEE, LoftOpera, String Orchestra of Brooklyn, Iktus Percussion (all in varying roles of percussion), and various performance activities as an improviser, noise artist, percussionist, and drummer. Past theatrical collaborations have included productions with the Rady & Bloom Playmaking Collective, Panoply Performance Laboratory, and WILD TORUS. Recent curatorial activities were focused on monthly events hosted in my previous living quarters in Bushwick (“Luxury Lounge”), dedicated to all mediums of experimental performance, and from 2011-2013 I was the founder and director of Performers Forum, a monthly event hosted at Exapno in Brooklyn dedicated to performance, lecture, and discussion with a variety of experimental musicians.

In 2017, I was a resident composer of the Ostrava Days Institute in the Czech Republic culminating in the world premiere of Beyond Ignorance for solo amplified cello, and a visiting composer of the Bang on a Can Summer Festival at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art for the world premiere of Clouds Over Calvary for percussion sextet.

I am currently focused on composed music for conventional ensemble situations that employs tactics from my work as a noise musician and improviser, drawing from years of experience in and influences from the DIY communities of noise, punk, and performance art, as well as experimental, improvised, and contemporary concert musics. These pieces feature a mixture of traditional, graphic, and text notation that offers a composite of exactitude and agency to the performers, and utilize an extensive inventory of unconventional implements including sex toy vibrators, milk frothers, contact mics, e-bows, harmonicas, oscillators, and various other objects.


I attended SUNY Purchase and CUNY Brooklyn College for percussion performance, and I'm currently the managing director of the Argento New Music Project and an associate with the Schott Music Corporation publishing house in New York. Click here for complete resume/CV information.

Feel free to contact me at:

bracken (dot) cory (at) gmail (dot) com

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