Rady & Bloom + Uptown Girls present LAMENESS OF A HORSE at The Brick Theater + a clip of stuff

In September of this past year, guitarist and fellow Sweat Lodge member Joe White and I came together to compose music for a Rady&Bloom Collective Playmaking production called Lameness of a Horse. This was the birth of UPTOWN GIRLS. Since then we’ve been hard at work to develop a bizarre amalgamation of electronic, acoustic, and object-based music that fluidly shifts through a variety of aesthetics, and the music for Lameness of a Horse is the core of the UG vibe.

It has been accepted into The Brick Theater Sound Scape Festival, and we’ll be enjoying a 4-show run in late June. See UPCOMING EVENTS for details.


June has been an out-of-control-busy month, and I’ve spent some time behind a snare drum with a handful of marbles and electronic devices. Here’s a brief clip of some results.